We know that in 35 years time, your relined drains will still be as robust as the day we installed the new liner. The reason for this is the combination of the seamless fibreglass liners and epoxy resins do not break down or suffer from erosion due to high flows of water, sewerage and material passing through the lined drain.

Today’s pipe liner technology improves the flow of drains and is structurally stronger than standard PVC pipes. During the lining process, epoxy is extruded into all faults and joints in the pipework, increasing the overall strength of the host pipe and liner. Our pipe liners are tested to provide a 50 year life span. This testing is confirmed in the IKT (Institute for Underground Infrastructure) approval process. It is also confirmed in the DIBT approval processes.

Prior to 2019, pipe lining materials gaining the European standard approval were recognised as the best available products globally. Australia has now established its own regulations for pipelining products to include gaining approval for use in Australia.
This approval is only granted if the products go through the following strict tests;

  • Modulus of elasticity test
  • Flexural strength test
  • Wall thickness test
  • Watertightness test
  • Overall quality performance

We are working closely with a supplier whom has brought to market a novel new and improved fibreglass reinforced and seamless pipe liner. All liners used by Brock’s Plumbing are compliant with the current standard. Matthew Dowd is a third generation Sydney plumber and his father shares a passion for plumbing, even at the age of 65. Matthew has 4 young children who if one day decide to follow in their footsteps, will carry on the family legacy for years to come.

Because of all this, partnered with our experienced team, we can confidently provide a no-nonsense 35 year product warranty and a life expectancy of up to 50 years on all of our installations.

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