Pre-purchase Inspection

Pre-purchase Inspection

Everyone knows the excitement that comes from buying a new home or building. Your solicitor or bank will request that a building and pest inspection be undertaken which makes great sense but have you stopped to think about the plumbing?

Over the last 20 years, we have come to the rescue of many clients who have been caught with defective plumbing systems not identified during pre-purchase building inspections.

Generally, a building inspection will only give you an overview of the plumbing as opposed to a thorough inspection. Remember, they are building inspectors not Licensed Master Plumbers and as such, do not have the expertise or equipment to undertake a detailed inspection.

Sadly, one of the biggest traps of an inadequate property inspection is getting caught with ongoing sewer and stormwater drainage issues. A blocked sewer system or stormwater flood is a sure way to burst the new purchase bubble. This then leads to ongoing inconvenience and major costs at a time when your funds are stretched to their limits.

Sewer cameras (CCTV) are a quick and easy resource to inspect the current plumbing. Together with our electronic location equipment, we are able to pinpoint and record the exact location of most issues. This will enable you to make an informed decision, advise the vendor and avoid costly drain line repairs in the future.

Our trained Master Plumbers will undertake all the necessary plumbing inspections to ensure everything is compliant with the code and functioning properly. It will be one less thing to worry about at an exciting but often stressful time.

It’s important to us for you the purchaser get a great start in your new home, and we know that a thorough inspection today, will keep you smiling in the future.

It is equally important for the seller to be upfront about the known condition of their drainage systems and general plumbing which will enable the process of the sale of the home to continue on without a hitch.


Before you purchase or sell, contact Brock’s Plumbing for an unbiased, professional inspection and report. Call now on 1300 672 873.


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