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Brock’s Plumbing is the best drain cleaning company because we deal with your problem with utmost priority along with outstanding equipment and a bunch of experts. If you have a blocked drain anywhere around Sydney, our blocked drain plumber should be your first choice. We are different from traditional plumbing companies as we assure you that we pick up where others mostly leave off. Over the past 20 years, we have invested in the latest drain technology with high service quality to provide you with the requirement. Be it a blocked toilet, basin, shower, drain grate, sewer, or even a stormwater pipe, our blocked drain plumbers have the right experience and technology to deduce the exact cause and site of the problem as shortly as possible and will come up with the best solution. We offer you a friendly service while maintaining the highest level of operation and working practices. This approach makes us the best drain cleaning company.



Being a drain cleaning company, whom you can trust, our blocked drain plumbers will first inspect the inside of the pipe to get a view of what might be wrong. We have the required technology to clear the blockage, and locate drain pipes ranging from 32mm – 500mm in diameter.

Blocked or overflowing drains are stinky, inconvenient, and have the potential to cause serious health risks. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for bacteria and different parasites that can be very dangerous to your health. Just remember that the longer the water sits, the more dangerous the water becomes.

To sort this out, our blocked drain plumber, Sydney offers the best quality service with advanced technology such as:
Blocked or overflowing drains not only smell and are inconvenient but are also potentially serious health risks. Stagnant water, particularly wastewater, breeds bacteria.
To overcome these issues, we provide quality service with advanced technology such as :

  • High-pressure water jetters  –  used for piping up to 500mm
  • High pressure water jetters  –  used domestic use up to 150mm
  • High pressure water jetters  –  used electric for internal use
  • CCTV cameras  –  used to investigate and record pipe internals. We use the latest advances in plumbing technology and fiber optic video cameras for drain and sewer line inspection.
  • Smoke testing Used to investigate and record pipe internals. We use the latest advances in plumbing technology and fiber optic video cameras for drain and sewer line inspection
  • Electronic location  – Used to identify cracks and defects in piping. This involves forcing smoke-filled air through the sewer line. The smoke under the pressure will fill the mainline and connections if any, then they follow the path of the leak to the ground surface, which quickly reveals the source of the problem. Only enough force that can overcome atmospheric pressure is required.
  • Vaporooter  –  used as a tree root inhibitor for sewer drainage it is the most effective sewer root control around, used by councils and water authorities for over 40 years.

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