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About Rapid-Freeze

Founded in 2004 Rapid-Freeze, a pipe freezing technique in Sydney has, over the years, established an impressive reputation for the provision of on-site pipe-freezing within a wide range of residential, industrial, and commercial situations.
With a focus on customer service, training, health and safety, and cryogenic pipe-freezing methods, we are committed to delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions on projects of all sizes.
Our success originates from the very high technical expertise and professionals who are well-versed with nitrogen pipe-freezing. No two projects are the same, of course, which is why our skilled engineers have to be resourceful, often using their experience of wider pipefitting issues to find the best solution to the challenge at hand.
On-site workmanship is of the highest caliber, and our operational flexibility enables us to work within clients’ tight and often shifting schedules.
This approach has helped to ensure the continual growth of Rapid-Freeze into the premier pipe freeze company in Sydney and beyond.


What is pipe freezing?

A simple, cost-effective method to perform pipeline maintenance or cryogenic pipe-freezing without excess draining.
Using a liquid nitrogen pipe freezing system, Rapid-Freeze can isolate the problem area in the line by freezing the product inside the pipeline to form a solid freeze plug. This allows for very little drain-down or refill and, in many cases, no system downtime. Once the work is complete, the line freezes are thawed, and the pipeline is back in operation!

How It Works

An effective means of cryogenic pipe-freezing is system isolation, freeze the plugs and develop a strong pipe system through the application of liquid nitrogen. The cryogenic process begins with heat being drawn from the product inside the pipe until it reaches a temperature below its freeze point. Once an established freeze plug is formed, the Rapid-Freeze technicians will monitor the flow of liquid nitrogen to maintain the adequately sized plug based on known system parameters.
Upon completing the pipe-freezing service, we refill the downstream piping, equalize pressure on both sides of the Pipe Freeze Plug, turn off the nitrogen and let everything thaw out.

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