Have you experienced Blocked Sewer Pipes caused by tree roots?

…Put a stop to it with Vaporooter.


Specifically developed to control tree root growth in sewer lines, Vaporooter is the most effective sewer root control around, used by councils and water authorities for over 40 years.

Vaporooter is a herbicide treatment applied as a foam to the drain. It will kill roots in the sewer system without harming plant life. It kills the roots in the pipe, in the pipe wall, and just outside the pipe.

Vaporooter can be applied to the property service drain, property connection branches, and the main line sewer.

Sanafoam® Vaporooter®II

  • Kills sewer roots (not plants!)
  • Stops root regrowth!
  • Increases the life of underground plumbing (without pipe damage)
  • APVMA registered – Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority  –   Product Registration # 57811

Common Questions about Vaporooter

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