What kind of pipework can pipe relining repair?

Pipe relining can fix root infested, cracked and broken pipework.
Brock’s Plumbing’s services are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial pipes, sewers and drains with multiple bends, changes in diameter, junctions, horizontal, vertical and concealed pipework.
We can also reline old cast iron stacks in apartment buildings, trade waste lines, potable water lines, pressure pipework, electrical conduits affected by water infiltration installed underground and even petroleum industry pipework.
Earthenware, Brass Pipes, PVC, Stormwater Pipes, Sewer Pipes, HDPE, Cement, Asbestos Downpipes, Ductile Iron and Pressure Pipes.

How long will pipe relining last?

Pipe relining is a permanent solution with an expected life span of 50 years.
Brock’s Plumbing installations come with a 35 year product warranty for relined pipes, regardless of the size of the job.

How much will pipe relining cost?

The cost of pipe relining depends on multiple factors such as the size and length of the pipe, accessibility, risk and how many junctions the pipe may have.
That is why we always start with a drain inspection to locate and diagnose the cause of the problem and determine if pipe relining is the best solution.
We provide our customers with a detailed report of our recommendations and a no-obligation quote with accurate pricing.

Why do some Plumbers advise against pipe relining?

Most plumbing companies do not have the expertise, equipment or qualifications to complete pipe relining. Although, in some cases pipe relining is not a viable option and an excavation is necessary. For example; when a pipe has collapsed.

How can I tell if my drain is blocked?

Some of the ways to distinguish if you have a blocked drain are;
• Slow draining sink, tub or shower
• Bad smalls coming from drains
• Gurgling sounds when water is drained
• Areas in your yard that always seem to be wet
• Sink holes causing cracked walkways
• A blocked drain can result in the water level in your toilet rising higher than usual when you flush

How long does pipe relining take?

Depending on the length and difficulty, most pipes can be relined in one day.

What kind of materials are used for pipe relining?

Our pipe relining solution comprises of a non-woven polyester felt liner and a specially developed 2-part epoxy resins. We only use liners and resin approved to the highest level of certification in Europe, which is DIBT & IKT. Our products used are also Watermark approved to Australian standards.

How strong is a relined pipe?

The liners used by Brock’s Plumbing are structurally stronger than standard PVC pipes. This means, they have better protection from tree root penetration and an expected life span of 50 years.

Can tree roots get into a relined pipe?

No, a relined pipe is impenetrable by tree roots.

Are there any disadvantages of pipe relining?

The only downside to pipe relining is it’s not always possible.

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