What are the common types of blocked drains?

The history of the drainage system dates back to the Indus Valley civilization. Preserved in manuscripts and archaeological writings, the people of Indus Valley were among the first to have a well-planned and covered drainage system. Now, in more recent years, having a perfect drainage system is a necessity.

A common and often unavoidable problem with drains is blockages and in these situations, you need plumbing services and a plumber who specializes in plumbing problems in this field to really get the job done right.

With more frequent wet weather occurring, drainage issues have been increasing across Sydney and Greater NSW. Tree roots tend to grow faster and often cross paths with drain systems underground causing damage to the pipes and blocking the flow of movement inside.

Also, food scraps or food waste clogging drains or paper towels flushed down the toilet. A professional plumber [Specialist plumbers] can identify the problem at hand and provide a quick and effective solution.

Blocked drainage system types – 

  • Blocked toilet – Blocked toilets can occur from a number of different sources, however, most commonly these drainage issues are the result of too much matter being flushed at any one time. Where DIY measures fail, [Specialist Plumbers] can provide expert assistance and clear these delicate pipes for you.
  • Blocked sewer – Sewers are specially designed to navigate waste away from homes, businesses or facilities to a designated wastewater plant. In the instance of a backlog, it is imperative that you call on a [Specialist Plumber] to solve the blockage, as sewer problems are typically larger jobs and can carry significant health risks.
  • Tree roots – When tree roots overgrow or tangle around the established drain network, you may require a complete drain network replacement or a smaller repair of an existing pipe.
  • Damaged pipes – [Specialist Plumbers] can identify damaged pipes, find the source of the problem, and repair or replace them as necessary.
  • Foreign objects – Often, pipes become blocked when we attempt to force foreign objects through the drainage network. Baby wipes, metals, foods, and sanitary items can all cause blockages, as they typically take longer to disintegrate. Blocked Drain Plumber can help excavate accumulated masses and return your network back to normal.

Seeking professional help and trusting the experts

Drains can incur any number of blockages from a wide variety of sources. Calling on the assistance of [Specialist Plumbers] will see your drains fixed and clear without the hassle (and mess) of attempting to solve the problem yourself.


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